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what do you think about this idea

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hahahahaha ok contatcme and i will considre doing the ai for yuo poppet however i will expect sopme royaltys

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Do you expect anyone to believe that you have the dedication to carry such a project to it''s completion when you can''t even be bothered to proof-read and spell-check your design document. Additionally, it appears that you have not even done the research necessary to undertake such a task. I can tell you right now that, for example, the level of speech recognition that you''d like simply does not exist. In addition, the headings in your "design doc" focus on technology. Someone reading it is not going to want to know about your neural networks and particle systems, they''re going to want to know if you have any idea how you''re actually going to model a world.

BTW, Eliza was pathetically outdated when I was born (1979). Mentioning it just proves to the reader how uninformed you are.

My advice is to spend a lot of time in libraries doing research, and incorporate some of that information into your design document. Maybe after that, people would be more inclined to take you seriously. And if you can''t spell, for the love of God, find someone who can, and let THEM write you''re design document.

You''d also be wise to severely limit the scope of your game if you want it to be completed in your lifetime.

Anthony Serrano

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Guest Anonymous Poster
On the subject of proof-reading, that first period in my previous post should be a question mark.

Anthony Serrano

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This kind of stuff *do* exist. It has been done for ages, but they are NOT games. They are called simulators, have ugly graphics, are used only for research purposes and usually cover a few aspects of the whole reality (like animal population growth).

This is by far, not an original idea. Everyone and their momma tought at least once of doing a game like this. But the ones who didn''t have skills to gamebuild forgot the idea, and the ones who do work with games usually toned their ideas down until it was possible to turn them into possible commercial projects.

This project will cost loads of cash. There are hundreds of thousands of different 3D models to be modelled and animated, gibagytes of textures to be drawn, god-knows-much sound effects to be recorded, several different AI patterns to be programmed and extensively tested, several kinds of gameplays would need to be programmed, and an ultra-complex database system so everything can be feasible on computers other than NASA clusters. A huge team of skilled people working on this project exclusively would be required. And they would need to be paid.

And there''s no guarantee it''ll be fun, after all, it hardly sounds like a game. It''s a mini-Matrix, a simulator.

"Make a game that want to play and never get bored and never have to buy another game."

But people WILL get bored. Even if the game world changes unpredicatbly, and there are thousands of places to visit and millions of NPCs to talk to, the player will STILL be playing the same game, doing the same things.
There''ll be no storyline, no sense of goal, no sense of acomplishment. Just a super ant-farm, where the player gets in and modify the envronment, and watch their human and animal NPCs evolve. This is not the kind of thing that make a publisher jump in excitement about a game.

Slowly evolve, I guess. How fast will time pass in this "game"? For one to perceive changes, you''d need to allow them to fast foward years in a few minutes. But then they wouldn''t be controlling their character, and it would get old or die. And if you keep the time speed low enough for the game to be played properly, no changes will be perceived.

If you want a proper game, get a 1% of this idea of yours, evolve it into a *fun* gameplay, and make a game out of it. If you want to do the whole thing, I honestly think you should get in touch with some research center or university and try to get them to make your project, as a scientific software, like the space simulator Celestia. Someone in such area might be far more interested than a game publisher.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by kingpinzs thank you ToohrVyk for taking me serous.

This is my favorite post in this thread.

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well kingpinz.

first, have accurate grammer and spelling is important. if u speaks like primary school kid, then why should someone treat u seriously?

second, never think that everything is easy to create, things always alot complex than what u think.

ok, anything below this line is either flaming or criticising, skip my post if u dont want to read.

no game can be 100% interactive, 100% interactive will calculate and simulate up to every electron or "quarks", and thats not possible by today''s computer, and computer in next few hundred years, maybe there are particles smaller than "quarks".
comparing with today''s computer with "quarks".
ok lets say we have a 3 gighertz cpu. that means it can switch between 1 and 0 or on and off 10 000 000 000 per second.
no ne knows how many quarks makes an electron, but a simplest object will go beyond novemdecillion (novemdecillion = 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or 60 zeros after 1)

ok im letting u compare these 2 values. and tell me if u change ur mind to not have 100% interactive.

ok AI.
how many kinds animals/pests/bacteria/virus exist in ur game? do u have it in ur game design doc? doesnt each kind of them requires a unique AI?
what about human? dont u need to have different AI for everyone? otherwise they will acts the same. and how many human lives on this planet? 5.6 billion. say u want a small town, how about 10k people? so 10K unique AI sounds easy to make eh?

well since u are creating a world. the real world is shaped like a ball.(i hope u know) if its not, then u can see as far as u like, so u thank today''s video card can handle it?
and have game or anyone done curved surface yet?

creating an OS is not a simple task. xbox uses dx, because dx is one of microsoft greatest creation, they runs an operating system that supports dx. if u are making an OS that uses dx, u must buy license. it is very unlikly that microsft will sell the licence to u, or it cost billion.

people here all against or laugh at u, some have praise comments because its ironic.
reasons? lots:
u said something then u say completly opposite thing. such as first u say u will create it for fun, then u say u create for money, and lastly u said u create this not for money but for fun.
u criticises people or ur word implies that we are lower level than u.
such as u said we dont think, and we never thought of it.
or u said to that guy and thank him for taking u serious, which implies others doesn not take u serious.

think before u even say a thing will help u alot. check before u click the post button will also help.

for now, get what ever u think u can done. and show us. or everything else u post here is eiher a flame, critisism or "serious" suggestion.

and dont think we dont treat u serious.

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AI: Fuzzy Logic, ...


Sorry.. had to.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
ok Panzooka a game has nothing to do with atomes I have proper grammer but i just miss spell so to bad for you. Making a game has to do with only things you can see to make it intractive it would have to be what you can see and if you dont like that then tell me how you can interact with something you can''t see like the invisable man.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by Panzooka
first, have accurate grammer and spelling is important. if u speaks like primary school kid, then why should someone treat u seriously?

The blind leading the blind...

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Im sorry, but if anyone can read this post and not make a comment, then theres something wrong with you!!

Its blatently obvious that kingpinzs has absolutly no experience what so ever of game programming, or even programming itself. It also seems that he/she doesnt even know what a computer can actually do now a days. Yeah it can make some pretty damn good things, but even the AI in HalfLife2 (have you seen those E3 videos!?!?) has its limits, and thats saying something.

This post is either
a) A joke that has taken everyone in, and in that respects, all credits to kingpinzs
b) Someone who thinks they actually know what they are talking about, but their next post will start with the line "Can someone tell me how to make a game" or "Whats this AI stand for?"
c) Some time travelling guru from the year 3000, who cant remember where hes from, and is getting the future and now all mixed up!

Oh well. Thats my little bit for this discussion. Hopfully it''ll carry on some more, as this is the first thread ive read all the way through for quite some time...

And dont flame me saying im flaming him (or whatever). There valid points that about half the people on this site are thinking...


Pretty In Pink

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learn C/C++, learn OpenGL/DirectX, create a tetris clone, pick up that design document again and you will understand why some people find it rather amusing.

- Damage Inc.

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Well people I am well aware of what a computer NOW DAYS. I work at dell as a tec so I am well aware of what they can do. I also know how to program just fine. I also know people are over doing the idea just a little. I am not sure what people are thinking with what I wrote but it is simple. You make your terrain. you put your images in it then you animate it any way you want. Now does every thing need to look like real life. Not in a million years. This is how it is going to happen. It will render the environment in a hyper thread in the P4 then the game play in will be on the other hyper thread. So the P4 is like 2 cpu''s in one cool right. even more all images will be taken care by the video card with 256 mb memory at faster rates then ever 8X agp. Then with 1 gig of ram and 200 gig of hdd space then how are we going to use up all that space. I am working alone on the game and I am sure in the hell not drawing 500,000,000 images my self so I think I will stick with just one million or so. Then we make the AI just a little smarter then ever and have it run through an algorithm. Were then it will look at the time and put the right numbers were they go.

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first time u said infinit, then u said a billion, now its a million, next post will go for a thousand........

i think this topic should be locked.

there is much more people flaming each other than any "serious" post

[edited by - panzooka on May 16, 2003 8:51:53 PM]

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Ok Lets get on to the bissnes of amking games not making fun of each other. First I think I will break down the componets to mkae it easyer to programe. first make the terain then go from there.

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I''m sorry, but this is the funniest thread I have read in my whole life.

First of all kingpinz, if you were a tech at dell I would think you would have to be able type better than a 10 year old. Your grammer is so poor I don''t believe you even passed 3rd grade.

Show us some code or graphics and we will know how great a developer you are!(lol)

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Here is a revised addtion of my Doc

My very own game design and engines
Ver 2.0
Game design doc

Fist it will be self expanding all interactive game engine. The games will fully interactive.
So depending on were you start, generally what will happen is that the world will start small and expand by it self. You give it the necessary things and expand from that. Ex1
Also what you do will stay in the game it just becomes another game object, texture or NPC’s you can have kids and they will grow old and die. Kill any one you want to and marry who you want. Also there will be if you want all the you also will be able to go inside every building you see and interact with every object you find and talk to every one you meet. There also will be back ground music if wanted.

You say it is pretty cool but not unique enough. Well how about this. You can type things to the npc’s and they will reply in sound to what ever you type just like the famous Eliza program.
You say that is cool but who likes typing.
Well if you want to you can train the voice requntion system so you can talk and not type or point and click to interact with npc’s ex4

My reasons for making this game.
I always thought it would be cool to go some were people have use to live and explore. Like a big city with planes and stuff we can not mess with in real life. What am trying to achieved in computer gaming

Goal (1) Make a fully interactive game.
(2) Make it fully exploitable.
(3) Have plants and animals reproduce and function sort of like in the real world.
(4) Make a fully functional weather engine.
(5) Make Npc’s that function on there own and reproduce and make things them self’s for your world.
(6) Have a never ending game

Game Options
1. You can start a new world or play in a pre maid one.
2. You can make your own character or use an existing one
3. Make your own buildings or use ones already made
4. You start at what are you decide or the game decides
5. You can die and start over or continue as a new person but in same world

A tree grows and gets seeds. Seeds hit the ground and depending on lots of variables they will grow or not grow and become big trees or die as younglings.
There will be weather to change your world and also volcanoes earthquakes and other things. When you see a cup on a table any were you will be able to throw it, drink out of it or throw it or any thing else you want to do with it. You can see all the fishes of the sea or even make a town under the sea.

What a game needs to make it a hit.
1. Playability
2. Originality
3. Fun
4. Graphics
5. Sound
6. Addictive
7. Easy to play

Questions about the game etc
1. Q. Are other games going to use things from this one?
A. Most likely they will make them 100% interactive environment going any were doing any thing you want and also self expanding

2. Q. how will you guarantee that it will be FUN?
A. ? That will be detumend on how many people

3. Q. what is the point in playing this when it is just like real life?
A. Think about this you can kill with out getting into real life trouble. You can do what you want in the game world that you fantasies doing in the real world.

4. Q. Wont it be to complicated doing everything your self
A. You can use already made world with goals and everything but still do what you want in the infinite universe

5. Q. Does the land expand or grow?
A. Why would that happen? That would be pointless. It will be a set land and see just like the earth.

6. Q how many objects can it take?
A . Well it will have a lot of objects. I am thinking about your world will be
covered in plants animals etc. No man made things yet. Then as you and your
clan grows more objects there will be. I am thinking about 3 million then it starts growing for now to grow new life something else has to die to keep the animals and plants at 3 million. Land and water only count as 2 objects people count as one a peace and trees and there seeds will start at 10 objects leaves count as one object for now.(every thing subject to change as new technologies come out.

7. Q. Are there going to be levels?
A. Yes and no. there will be load points but no jumping to points it will look like were you came from is right behind you because it is. So to that aspect

8. Q. What type of game is it?
A. It will be a mixed rpg, fps and a bunch of others.

9. Q. Why create the game?
A. To make a game that no one else has ever made. Make a game that want to play and never get bored and never have to buy another game.

10. Q. Were does the game take place?
A. It takes place in the beginning of time with the earth was new. It will be on a world that is picked by the player. It could be the real world or it could be a world out of any book you have ever read.

11. Q. What do I control and how many of them?
A. You control a single person in first or third person view. If you are good enough you can get people to follow you and you can tell them what to do.

12. Q. What is the main focus?
A. To do what you want. To survive and to be the ruler of your world if that is what your hart desires. To go every were you want with no limitations. Go in every building. Interact with every npc. And interact with every object you come across. To see what it might look like in the beginning of time.

13. Q. What’s Different about this game?
A. I am taking a bunch of games and movies and putting them together to get One Big Life Simulation. It will be a game that never ends. You will die but will be born again as your self or as some one else. It will be all up to the player on what happens.

14. What type of game is it.
First/third Person 3D Game
How to make the Game

Feature Set
General Game engines Multiplayer features Editors
Huge World Weather engine Noun for now Map editor
1 player 3D engine Sound Editor
3D graphics Light engine Image Editor
16-bit color Key engine Game Editor (only for designers)
Plants Particle engine Player Editor
Animals AI engine Object Editor
Npc’s Sound engine
Water Animation engine
Ground Physics engine
Sky with clouds

Game play
You will start in a garden with a mate (optional). Then you will do the basic stuff gather food, make shelter, get water, and keep away peratitors and any other bad things.
You will need to reproduce to make the world gain it’s population and to get the game to proceed. Then you grow old and die. Then you have the option to be reborn as your self or as some one else or something else like a monkey or dolphin etc. Then you will see how your previous life affected the world. You will continue the game there will be more challenges and more things to accomplish as the game goes on. If you become some one you don’t like then your goal would be to kill your self some how.

In game goals
1. Survive
2. gather food
3. get water
4. accomplish personal goals set
5. conquer other lands
6. be prosperous
7. To change the future and the way things turn out
8. More to come

The Game World

It will be a basic round world. For any other sake it will be a flat world that just warps to the other side so it seams that it is round. There will be land water and sky. There will be plants and animals on land and in water. When you reproduce in the game that will make the well needed Npc’s to continue the game.

1) Fully interactive world. Every single object will be interactive. You will be able to through them break them cut them down burn them or any thing else you can think of.
2) Weather engine. You will have rain, snow hail, storms, and wind. There will be floods, tornadoes, lightning and anything else to do with weather. Will also have northern lights and other affects.
3) Full terrain. You can go any were you want. You can go to the tallest mountain or go to the dippiest part of the sea.
4) Earth self destruction. You will have volcanoes and earth quakes. Just make sure your not in the arya when one of these places happens. They will act like the real thing.

The Physical world

Key locations
The start point which is the garden were every thing begins. The places were there is a source of food & water. Were you will be able to get shelter safe from hazards. The place were there will be a source of metal and other things to make technology and shelter better.

The player walks tell the player can harness the horse then make the buggies then the car and then the hover car or what ever else that can make travel faster also with plains trains and boats with submarines.

The game measurement
1 unit is 1 mile. There will be only 15,000 units x 15,000 units

1. 10 different trees
2. 2 of each average animal
3. rocks
4. sand
5. fire

There is going to be a weather engine. You will have rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Day & night / Time
There will be both day and night. Day will last 5 real hours in normal mode and night will last 5 hours. Then there will be the option to slow down time or speed up time. Speeding up time by one unit will take time a mines it by ½ an hour. So a normal day will be only 4 ½ hours real time ect.

Rendering System

It will be a 3d first/third person view. Parts of the world will only be loaded at a time like level in other games. The illusion of a horizon will be made like other games. More to come

3D rendering
more to come

The code to be used.
Will be programmed in Assembly, c++, Direct X, scripting language

Types of AI ( Will pick one or two to use)
Genetic Programming
Fuzzy logic
Nero networks

Other technologies
Voice recnishon

Games that it will be like
Deus ex 1&2
Max payne
Red faction 1&2
Morrow wind
Age of Empires

Other ideas.

Make it into an OS type program so it runs faster

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Is the blue where you corrected some of the errors in your ''doc''?

Just had to ask

- Chris

Thanks for the late night humor, btw

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Original post by Ronixus
Is the blue where you corrected some of the errors in your ''doc''?

If that were the case there would be a whole lot more blue. The blue is there because it is in a code window, and is therefore interpreted as code.

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lol k I laughed until I cried reading this thread, better than watching happy gilmour.

As for the game Im sad to say Ive thought about this before only I envisioned it being 20 or 30 years down the road and being more of an in-home tutor for everything and a gaming platform on the side. But u know if u want to do it now that woul be good to, I mean I think everyone wants to live there life in cyber space. I hear the food there is really good...


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I am sure that everyone has had an idea for a game like this though. MMORPGs and other games with large worlds probably started out as similar ideas but then when they are actually made the designers need to enter reality and create a limited world and just make it seem infinite and all that. I know I have thought of this same idea before, as I am sure countless other people have.

Personally the impossible game idea that I often like to think about is if there could be a time travel game even in a limited world. It is obviously impossible because of needing to record events and project the future, have lots of instances of the same people, and have every moment in time that has ever happend or ever will happen in the game all being computed at once. lol It is fun to think about though....

At any rate this post was fun to read through. I find it rather funny that this person can't see the impossiblity of an infinite world, although it is probably just someone playing an extended joke for their own amusement.

The first thing I thought of was that they wanted to create the matrix. Actually on The Screen Savers on Tech TV the other day they had Michio Kaku on talking about the new Matrix and X-men movies and the things in them that are impossible and that, it is usually a rather interesting segment when he is on talking about movies. But anyway he was saying that even all the computing power in the world put together couldn't even begin to simulate the Matrix for even one person.

It is fun to think of sensational unrealistic game concepts but probably rather unhealthy to think that they are actually possible and that you can create them. Although lowering your standards every time you post will eventually get you in the realm of possibility.

Anyway, I am done rambling.

EDIT: realized that the first line of my post was "I'm not even going to comment on the impossibility." and that that was exactly what I did so I removed it. lol

[edited by - compumatrix on May 18, 2003 1:23:59 AM]

[edited by - compumatrix on May 18, 2003 1:26:07 AM]

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Original post by compumatrix
although it is probably just someone playing an extended joke for their own amusement.

Have you read this guys previous posts in his profile. If its an extended joke, then I think the guy needs a life


Pretty In Pink

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nice spirit to keep trying even he is surrounded by flames and impossibility.

[edited by - panzooka on May 18, 2003 9:10:11 AM]

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