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AI Algorithms for Soccer Management Games

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Gheraldo    122
I want to make my own soccer manager games. I''ve gto some ideas but I do not know where to start and where to end. I never wrote a game before so I''m a little confused. Can anyone help with some technical ideas like: how to implement the algorithm of soccer playing during the game or what AI do I need to implement to the players so that there''s a corelation between the tactics selected and the match. These''s are by far by biggest problems and I would appreciate very much if someone could give a useful hand. Thank You

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Morbo    218
Before you try running, I''d suggest a walk or two.
Too many people try to make games that are beyond their capabilities (especially on their first try). Before you write the cool games, start with something like these:

Tic-tac-toe - basic graphics, user input
Tetris - basic collision detection, user input, and game loops
Othello - ai (for single player), and complex game-end rules
Pacman - more advanced ai, sprites, levels

Might not sound like much fun, but learning a bit at a time is much easier that trying to do it all. Do you learn how to do calculus before you know algebra?


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