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Rakka Rage

translation, rotation, arcball!?

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how do i move towards the "target"? Vector3 target = new Vector3( _d3dd.Transform.View.M13, _d3dd.Transform.View.M23, -_d3dd.Transform.View.M33); target.Normalize(); _d3dd.Transform.View.Translation(target); it seems to work originally but not for long Vector3 target = new Vector3( -_d3dd.Transform.View.M13, -_d3dd.Transform.View.M23, _d3dd.Transform.View.M33); target.Normalize(); _d3dd.Transform.View.Translation(target); and thats how i move back, but after moving around a bit... maybe it has something to do with my rotations? is 13,23,33 even the "target"? is 11,21,31 the "right"? is 12,22,32 the "up"? do i need to normalize it? how do i reverse it? if what operation on a vector reverses its direction? i am using the ms arcball to rotate the screen _ball = new GraphicsArcBall(_parent); _ball.SetWindow(_d3dd.PresentationParameters.BackBufferWidth, _d3dd.PresentationParameters.BackBufferHeight, 50); ... if (_ball.IsBeingDragged) { _d3dd.Transform.View *= _ball.RotationDeltaMatrix; } it seems to work ok but is there any way to restrict a rotation like that so i do not get tilted to the side while i look around? yes i am new

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