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Maya to OBJ problems

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Hey everyone... i'm working on a homebrew xbox title and a friend is helping me with the modelling. He created a pretty kickass M1A1 abrams tank, which is broken up in a hierarchy to organize the model. We're exporting the model to OBJ so I can then convert to the model to my own format. I have experience with obj files, but for some reason, the OBJExporter in maya is yielding weird results. First of all, the faces aren't triangulated... some are even 5-vert polys. Also, the grouping doesn't translate correctly. For some reason, there is a "Default" group even though such a group doesn't exist in the Maya file. Any ideas why this would be the case? I'd appreciate any help, Thanks [edited by - the unprofessional on May 26, 2003 8:03:25 PM]

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