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Premise: The Underlying Ultimate

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Hi, Haven''t posted in this section for a while heh Anyhow, looks like I will be hanging out here for quite some time to come as I am back to writing the story for our game. I''d just like to spark some general conversation and find out a bit from you guys about how you go about your story designing process. As for me, I tend to have a deep underlying premise for a story coming into it, however, it wasn''t until this past 4 months that I learn about dramatic structure and how to properly take what would normally be a simple series of events and transform that into a story. I have learn to add a moral to whatever the premise of my story is, thereby creating a purpose for the reader, a reason why they should choose to experience this story. For example, take X². This game has classic themes relating to the heroes journey, however, its main premise is revolving around the "poverty of servitude", a short explanation and overview follows: ---------------------------------- X2 “So… What are you going to do now?” “ Something that I had never done until after I experienced death…” “What?” “Live.” The main story in X² is about the poverty of servitude. It exemplifies the fact that when one only follows orders and never determines what it is that THEY want, their happiness and life suffer the consequences accordingly as they are driven down a path carved out for them by the world. Only after one asks, “What do I want to do?” will they begin on the journey towards their bliss and new opportunities arise. The main character, Annex, in the story is resurrected as the Heir Math by the divine hand of higher life forms. Math is instructed throughout the story to heed to the will of the Angel Lions for the sake of the world. He mindlessly follows their lead for they are the only voice he knows and the one in which the world supports. Their relationship develops throughout the story much as the relationship of a parent and child. The child will follow the status quo until a certain ‘Age’ at which their life experiences bring questions that formulate into doubts and shake the trust of the child from the parent about “the facts of life”. Only after Math rebels from the dictation of the angel lions does he finally find his true self, Annex. It is also at this time that he realizes the disturbance that he has brought to the world acting as the lashing hand of the angel lions on blind faith. In the end, Annex breaks free completely from the angel lion’s hold and finally finds what it is that he wants to do most… live his own life. ------------------------------------------ By Designing the story at this high level first, the underlying premise and the personality of the characters makes the story literally tell it self. To me it is like showing where we want to start and then showing where we want to be, dropping a few characters in who need to cope with the situation and who may be the last people in the world who would be thought to do it and then watch the story go at it like a wind-up toy. Exciting isn''t it? heh Here is a concept scene from the game where the main character Math meets the main antagonist, Kalsus for the first time: --------------------------------------------- Enter Kalsus… [Just as Math prepares to deliver his final blow to Geo who is clawing after the rubics sphere, a mysterious figure drops down between the both of them, smashing the Rubics Sphere to pieces. Math pulls back as the light explodes. The figure snatches Geo from off the ground and jumps to the top of the Column ruins. The pieces of the rubics sphere project onto the clear section of the skies of Anafay. The stars move and form a constellation symbol that glows and breaks apart sending a streak of light across the sky and off into the horizon.] Kalsus: “There.” [Math stands recovering looking up towards the figure. Just then the figure speaks…] Kalsus: “You are stronger than the gods give you credit for.” Geo: “Ahw, I was just getting warmed up hahhahahahahah-” Kalsus: “-Go!” [Geo makes a frowning face and grunts as he jumps up from the ruins. He waves at Math.] Geo: “See you later birdie” [He jumps into the shadows laughing away. Kalsus turns and looks to Math.] Kalsus: ”It’s been a while…you look like you’ve been dead for 15 years.” Math: “ Who…you’re…one of them?” Kalsus: “Ha… YOU’RE one of them. One of us I mean, as we are the only ones…” Math: “What?” [Kalsus turns his back and looks towards the night skies of Anafay covered in the hovering blood lake] Kalsus: “Given the current situation of things, it would be in my best interest to kill you… Yet, I cannot...” Enix: “Math, do not let him distract you, be prepared for anything.” Kalsus: “Math…we are all the same… We fight for control over our possessors, however you are different. You do not fight. Do you not realize that your are a slave?” [He turns swiftly towards Math and pauses looking him in the eyes.] Kalsus: “You should liberate yourself from the poison of this world and join your brethren. It would require little effort. [He grins with a realization] Kalsus: “Of course… You have no clue… I was the same way. Chaos, Death, Destruction ha ha ha… How meaningless my ambitions would be… yet how deadly they are now.” Math: “What are you after?” Kalsus: “Perhaps you should be asking yourself that question.” [Kalsus raises his hand above his shoulders as the blood lake swimming in the skies begins to tremble.] Kalsus: “As for me… I have a promise I must keep.” Coji: “Math!! Leave this place at once!” [Kalsus throws his hand down as the blood lake beings to pour down on top of Math, consuming him in a huge tsunami] Kalsus: “Until next we meet… old friend.” [The sound of Kalsus’ last words “old friend” echo in Math’s mind as he is swept away by the blood lake losing consciousness.] ------------------------------------------------------ I don''t claim to be a good writer by any means, but I don''t feel you have to be in order to tell a good story. Here the characters'' interaction with each other was really self-governed by their own motives and end goals. I simply communicated that with my own words. Someone else could write this scene and the words and expressions would be different, but the underlying point would still be the same. Just as music and art, I''ve found that writing both requires a feel for the ''Art'' as well as a basic knowledge of the ''Craft'' in order to be best communicated. Anyhow, I''m off to work on the story outline now, I just felt like talking about this for a bit before I started off. So, what are some of your methodologies on designing stories? thanks for your time -~- X2: Official Site

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