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Where can I get DX 9.0a non web install for XP

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223 megs


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Original post by _Madman_
Where the f*ck I can get that, & actually I don''t want that!
THE M$ is starting to get my with all those web installs, they s*ck in this area. Every new crap they release has some sort of this sh*t & I don''t have net at home & I will not join to! Guess OGL was right choise


Use OpenGL if you want, it''s a damn good graphics API. But I do feel I should point out a few things about the DirectX install:

1) If you look at the msdn.microsoft.com/directx site you''ll notice that there are "componentized downloads" - i.e. you can leave out various parts of the SDK if you so desire and just download the runtimes.

2) The 223Mb size is comprised of:
a. debug runtimes
b. retail runtimes
c. documentation
d. ~240Mb (installed) sample source code and programs
e. tools
f. redistributable version of DirectX

3) If you were to include the sample source code [& media files], documentation, utilities etc available at www.opengl.org you''d find that OpenGL would weigh similarly highly. There''s no magic to it.

4) DirectX SDK includes components for: Graphics, Input, Audio, Networking, Media Codecs etc. i.e. not just a graphics library.
Though some utility libraries for OpenGL do have functionality for non-graphics things, those libraries are wrappers on top of the base API and even DirectX rather than talking to the drivers directly, so the downloads for those components are smaller.

5) Technically the DirectX SDK isn''t a "web install" - it''s a download that you install locally - the installation doesn''t need to connect to the internet once you''ve downloaded the complete package.

6) Microsoft used to sell the SDK on CD for a small fee to cover postage. There are still CDs being pressed of the SDK because they get sent to beta testers and are available at DirectX events at developer conferences. There may still be some of these available to buy again (directx@microsoft.com is the main contact address [unless Herb is reading and has a better address])

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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OK, I understand that, & docs are really nice, (I've downloaded DX9.0 SDK 'finally werrry solid, so I'm going to spend a lot of time on it in summer') but all I need now is DX9.0a, to include in CD if you wish, but sending that s**t to Baltic countries will cost 30$ as min + 10 months until it'll be here. F**K But I need it now, + I have W98 PC connected to net, so even if I download 9.0a & trace the files out of windows folder, where usually w installs stores them, I can't put them on XP PC later.

F**K M$ once more for that

BTW, that rally was cool, but had some 'minor' texture issues with GF2GTS+XP, was it DX based?


[edited by - _Madman_ on May 28, 2003 4:08:39 AM]

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Please keep the profanity out of here, it really sounds immature. Anyway, like it said above, you can select to download the parts you are interested in on the MSDN site. Look through the links there and download the one you want.

Try RealityRift at www.planetrift.com
Feel free to comment, object, laugh at or agree to this. I won''t engage in flaming because of what I have said.
I could be wrong or right but the ideas are mine.

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