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Dark Star

Good sources of ideas for games

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Hi all, I am very capable of putting together a niffty looking 2d game but Im often stuck for ideas. I find good ideas are good to come by. I have a project to do next year in uni which involves making a game (2d). I wanna know if there are any good sites or resources devoted to generating game ideas of 2d genre like puzzles, side scrollers and stuff. I really need to start now cos I dont want to fail because of lacking ideas when my programming is up to scratch. Help! I''d like to make games like 1) Bubble bubble 2) Bust a move 3) Chu Chu rocket on dreamcast thanks for help Dark Star UK

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I was recently in university too (just finished ), and I found that a great source of ideas is the other students or your friends. I know that''s not what you were looking for, but it''s very true. Try asking a couple of friends about what their favorite puzzle-type games are, and why they like them. Then just try to some of those points together to make a new game.

For example:
I tell my friends I want to make a cool puzzle game. One friend says that he likes simplistic puzzle games that are challenging. Another says that he likes games where you have a time limit to make a move. Yet another still says that he likes games such as Bust-A-Move. So, I put these ideas together and come up with a game similar to Bust-A-Move, but with a time limit in a different way, and I make less colors but have more combos and other things.

Or you could always get ideas from people on these forums, some of them are pretty darn creative sometimes

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Thanks a lot for that tip Marcus, thats a good idea. I guess I got a long 4 months summer break to do all that brain storming. I will ask around.

Thanks very much


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... or just do the first idea that comes to mind. How long would a pac man or bubble bobble game take? A couple of weeks?

The best inspiration comes from playing so find lots of 2D inside games, visit a freeware site or something and play tons of them at the weekend. You''ll be dying to get started in only a few hours. Bad looking games are often the best inspiration or games that you just know you could improve upon.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
To help you get started make sure you have something to fall back on by writing all of your ideas,suggestions, and concepts on notebook paper/folder.This way you can always go back or even take your notes and add them to your program for a new puzzle game.Or how about this go back to those games has you had mentioned and see what you might think would be different in your own terms.

Main Title
Maps of each level/stage
Bonus features,power ups, level ups or whatever that would make the game play a bit different from the rest
Main end storyline / continuation storyline (optional)
Main End Title

I would do this setup in a easy to read format book guide.
This way if I am about to prsent something of one of my projects to a game company they could check up on my progress of where i need to remake or edit some decisions about something he /she looked over. You wouldnt go to a office and say " Hey! I''m here for an interview and this is what I would like to see!" You need to have something to demistrate your talent and skill and passion to write or program games in any genre.
That is what my experience has taught me and I am always learning from my own mistakes or even getting better from them.
The setup guide should at least take you about 3 to 4 weeks tops to get something going.When you get better at what you would like to see visualize how the game would look and operate and see what it adds up to on paper.

Good Luck to you!

Jumping Lizard

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