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Books that cover directX optimizations?

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Does anyone know of any books that cover DirectX Graphics optimizations? Things like poly batching and such? Thanks!

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While I don`t know about any such book, have you already maximized your triangle throughput ? If not, go here nVidia Vertex Buffer (VB)Optimizations (Only DOC file works). Read also all relevant papers below on that page.
Especially this Excel Sheet is invaluable as it deals with optimal FVF & VB size - everything benchmarked in the range of 20 vertices to 30.000 vertices in one Vertex Buffer. Really great reading.
This link talks about General DirectX Optimizations too.
If you finally manage to Optimize your DX&VB usage according to these tips, then you don`t need to shell out any money for any book of that kind. Just read all that stuff and implement it.
I think that after that you are only left with Profiling which can really surprise you.

Just a few general questions regarding VBs:

What is your current amount of different FVFs and their size ? Have you sorted your rendering by FVF ?
Aren`t some FVFs using bandwith uselessly (Vertex Colors when you actually have all vertices white - so Material setting is enough since you blend the vertex color with texture)?
Do you use Indexed triangle strips/list ?
Are your VBs static or dynamic ? If they`re dynamic, do they use correct flags when updating ? If they`re static, is the Lock called only once during creation of VB ?
How many different DrawPrimitive calls are you making and what is the amount of tris rendered in every call ?

And that was just from VB`s standpoint, the same might be asked regarding textures, state switching, frustum culling ...

Avenger game

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