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Monitoring available bandwidth

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CoriolisForce    122
Does anyone know a way of monitoring the bandwidth available to an application so that it can react to changes in it, i.e. when the user downloads a file in the background, your app will have it''s bandwidth squeezed.

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Interim    122
If you''re working with Win32, you can use WMI. It''s COM accessible, so you can just query the bandwidth. I would probably use

- BytesSentPerSec
- BytesReceivedPerSec

Since it''s a raw counter, you can query it at 30 second or 60 second intervals and calculate the average bandwidth used / second over the last interval and see how close that is to 10 or 100 Mbs depending on your interface speed.

You''ll have to look up the formula, it''s on the WMI page.


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