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Werid Problems after compiling..

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UponTheEnd    122
have any of you ever had the problem of when you are developing, you hit the, "Compile and Run" button.. and it runs just fun after it compiles. But when you compile and dont run it, and go to the directory where the .exe file is, and move it to where the data is. it gives entriely different results. As for me, when i run it, on the window, it copys the background of the window of the desktop and that becomes the window, it isnt taking any of the opengl commands. errrr Everything works fine though when i just hit the compile and run button though.. if you need code, just say so, i was thinking that this was a problem that others have had and it is an easy fix.... thx

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Corrail    133
Yes, I had some problems like this before.

I made some mistakes with dynamic memory handling. Are you sure that you allocate and delete memory correctly? Are you sure that you don''t write in memory which isn''t allocated?

Try to debug with the _CrtCheckMemory() function. If _CrtCheckMemory() is false than your memory has errors.

MS C++ works very fine in Debug mode within the MS C++ enviroment. But if run the program outside MS C++ enviroment there many occure problems.


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