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Loading Lua scripts from file

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I am trying to load a lua script into memory, in compiled form. However, when I try to load an uncompiled script, the loading fails. And if I load a compiled script, the function call always fails. This is my code:
    // Load scripts in Init function

    if (!LoadScript(CFG.GetVariable("Scripts", "Events")))
        cout << "Failed to load scripts" << endl;

    // Execute test script

    lua_pushstring(LuaVM, "test");
    lua_gettable(LuaVM, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX);
    if (lua_pcall(LuaVM, 0, 0, 0) != 0)
        cout << "Function call failed" << endl;

// Chunk loader function, passed to the lua_load  function

const char *CBasicController::LuaLoad(lua_State *LuaVM, void *Data, size_t *Size)
    LUALOAD *Load;

    Load = (LUALOAD *)Data;
    if (Load->bLoaded == true)
        return (NULL);
    if (Load->Script == NULL)
        return (NULL);
    if (Load->ScriptSize <= 0)
        return (NULL);

    *Size = Load->ScriptSize;
    Load->ScriptSize = strlen(Load->Script);
    Load->bLoaded = true;
    return (Load->Script);

// Function to load a certain script

bool CBasicController::LoadScript(const char *szScriptName)
    LUALOAD LoadData;
    fstream Script;
    bool    bRet = false;

    LoadData.bLoaded = false;
    LoadData.ScriptSize = 0;
    LoadData.Script = NULL;, ios::in);
    if (!Script.is_open())
        return (false);

    Script.seekg(0, ios::end);
    LoadData.ScriptSize = Script.tellg();
    Script.seekg(0, ios::beg);

    LoadData.Script = new char[LoadData.ScriptSize];
    memset(LoadData.Script, 0, LoadData.ScriptSize);, LoadData.ScriptSize);
    if (lua_load(LuaVM, LuaLoad, (void *)&LoadData, szScriptName) == 0)
        bRet = true;
        bRet = false;

    delete [] LoadData.Script;
    LoadData.Script = NULL;

    return (bRet);
Anyone knows what is wrong? Toolmaker
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