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comment on my game idea NOT A MMORPG!

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FINALY not an mmorpg, but this idea might be really lame, anyways this is what i typed to my buddy in an im really fast, its not good spelling or punctuated at all, so bare with it, it will be full 3d, in a halo like format, with save able campaigns
your on earth and your sent out to this solar system that is 
being attacked, you have a ship wiht a broke down ragidy mech,
 and yourself and a buddy, and machine gun and a pistol, you 
get to the solar system adn htere are liek 10 plannets, you can 
pick any one u want, and go there taking what everu have (but u 
can't take it all), then like you go through the plannet and 
once its saved u can collect enemy weapons as u go and like 
mechs and ammo,and they will pay you depending on how fast u
 did it, and how many civilians u killed, stuff like that, then
 u can order supplys from earth,  like tanks, dune buggys,
 troops, guns, (or i guess u could order htem from other
 plannets, what ever), then u can move on and fight other
 plannets, and mayeb like once u save all the plannets the 
mother hsip of hte people who were attacking those plannets 
comes in and thats like the boss, u gota go in the ship and 
destroy it, so liek u can save the plannets in any order, their 
all differnt but all abotu teh same skill level, just differnt
 so u would need differnt equiptment, then the boss comes and u 
need ltos of equpitment
please dont' flame its very fresh, 5 min old, would u play it? (not saying we can pull it off yet, we'll see) edit: i realize me and him kinda talked baout htis a little first so, the remote solar system will be under attack by a differnt non human species, they will turn the inhabitants into mutants and stuff that wants you to die as well, there are very few ok poeple left on each plannet and less the longer you take (only on the plannet your at) and if u've ever playe Speed Devils for dreamcast your ship would be like that, you can store and repair your mechs, store your weapons, and you can only take liek X mechs (computer controlled), Y guns, and Z extra ammo i hope that cleared it up more, sorry for hte roughness of my post... [edited by - honayboyz on May 27, 2003 12:14:58 AM] edit 2: source area formating [edited by - honayboyz on May 27, 2003 12:28:28 AM] edit 3: source area formating, again [edited by - honayboyz on May 27, 2003 12:29:48 AM] edit 4: source area formating, again, again [edited by - honayboyz on May 27, 2003 12:30:43 AM]

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Well, first of all, your post looks pretty decent... but the "storyline"... maybe I''ll get it better once you put it into english.

But from what I deciphered, it''s not the most astoundingly original game idea I''ve heard before. It''s got mechs, it''s got worlds needed to be rescued, it''s got everything that has already been seen, but don''t really let this put you down, this happens with 90% of the games out there.
Apart from that I''m not sure what type of game it is to be. A shooter? A strategy game?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Start by learning to type .

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English Mode.

Sorry about the typing. I''m just used to talking to people online and I don''t punctuate or anything. Anwyays, I don''t know what trolling is, but i think its where you just mess with people, like kingpinz. Why would I be doing that? This is a Shooter/Strategy. Each terrain has its own properties, species, obsticles, etc. that you need to have the right equiptment to over come. I''ll try to type up a better version at school that first one was copy and pasted from my IM to my buddy.

...what makes you think im trolling?

Thanks for the input.

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I agree with FiveFootFreak. I''ve seen this game a dozen times before (even some movies), and I could probably tell you how it ends.

One game that comes to mind is Jet Force Gemini. You go around to different planets and try to save little tribals (think Ewoks) from giant ants. The only real difference from your game is that you can''t buy stuff in it. But they have a dog with jets in his feet so it doesn''t matter.

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I'm sorry if you weren't actually trolling.

That game could be great but I just personally think an idea expressed like that (that's the way you expressed it that makes me thing u're just messing with us) itself is not enough to convince people that your game will be great.

However that could be a nice game if you have the means to do it.
But making a FPS-STRATEGY is not really more original than a MMORPG ;-)

[edited by - Cahaan on May 28, 2003 1:00:49 PM]

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What genre is least attempted?

I just want to make a game that has a pritty solid game play and is complete, maybe it won''t look so good at first but we can fix that. I want to make something that involves FPS and driving. GTA3 is a good example.

Has anyone played Speed Devils on Dreamcast, I was trying to combine the Speed Devils upgrade system (also Tokyo Extreme Racer) and combine it with something similar to Halo, where you have the missions and instead of differnt areas of Halo you have individual plannets. You could defeat the plannets in any order you want, but each one requires a differnt way to beat it. One may require air attacks the other may require mech''s.

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