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How to map texture on a sphere?

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vcgames    122
For example, I want to draw the earth seen from the outer space.How can I map several textures that display what the earth looks like when seen at different angles on the drawn sphere and when it is rotating, I can see different terrains on the earth. Thanks very much!

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iNsAn1tY    476
I had this exact problem some time ago. How do you map a texture on to sphere properly? I searched around a bit, and found these articles by Paul Bourke (works at the Swinbourne University of Technology in Australia, and the guys over at often reference articles of his they used to create some of their tutorials):

Parametric Equation of a Sphere and Texture Mapping

Texture map correction for spherical mapping

Take a look at the rest of his site here, it's really rather good...

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