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Functions returning current date and time?

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Hey all, Im building a simple error reporting system for my next project. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any windows functions that return the current date and time. I''d like to add them so I can keep a running error log between builds. Thanks! Etherstar My Site

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I should think that you could use the standard ctime header. Have a look around on Google. Example:

#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>

int main()
    time_t currentTime;
    time(& currentTime);
    std::cout << "Current date and time: " << ctime(& currentTime) << std::endl;


    return 0;

Edit: Heh, the forum didn't like me putting "& currentTime);" without the spaces.

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Do those functions give you the time down to the mili second?

I want to write a function to calculate frame rate by incrementing a static variable
every time the function is called.

This function will only be called at the end of all drawing.


UINT CalculateFrameRate(void)
static UINT Frames = 0; // Number of frames

static UINT FrameRate = 0; // Frames per second

static time_thingy PrevTime = 0; // Previous time

time_thingy CurrentTime = GetTime(); // Get Current Time

Frames++; // Increment the number of frames

// This if statement subtracts CurrentTime from PrevTime to

// to determine if a second has passed.

if((CurrentTime - PrevTime) > 0)
FrameRate = Frames;
Frames = 0;
PrevTime = CurrentTime;
return FrameRate;
return FrameRate;

This method wont work all the time because CurrentTime - PrevTime
may be evaluated at 1.5 seconds after PrevTime and I will loose
the 0.5 seconds and the calculation will be off.

I really need some constructive evaluation of my coding style
so that I can be come better.

How would you write your own frame rate code?

What I want is a function that will work under all circumstances.
Even if the frame rate is less than a frame per second.

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