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bitmaps and dibs

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Using C++... To do really fast graphics I would like to be able to change the bytes in a bitmap or dib directly (SetPixel is too slow). Lets assume that they are all in 24bit(i.e. 3 byte) colour mode and 100x100 pixels in size. Here are some of the things I may need to do: 1) access/change the bytes in a given TDib object 2) access/change the bytes in a TBitmap of a given TMemoryDC or TClientDC of a window 3) Is is possible to change the bytes of the bitmap that represents ALL the pixels on the screen? for example, I would read the bytes at co-ords (20,30) from the TDib object and then set the bytes at co-ords (50,23) of the TBitmap object of a given DC. Any ideas?

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