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Please help whit TDC (using &#106avascript)

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Ok i've read tons of tutorials about activeX and I have found tabular data control wich Im goin to use for reading news to wep page. But it's still unclear how to use it whit javascript becose all the tutorials show how you can load texts file to an table but there doesn't seem to be any refrences about the methods/functions tdc uses. Only what I have found is first deriving Recordset from components id and from that I can use funcs such as Move,MoveFirst,MoveLast,EOF etc... But only actual reading function I've discoverd is GetString and that returns parsed contents the text file wich is unusefull infromation becose I dont have fields any more. ... IF that was a lot of nonsence then please just look the code below and tell me how can I get field by field strings from the texts file, or is bossible whit TDC?
<OBJECT ID="fileid" CLASSID="CLSID:333C7BC4-460F-11D0-BC04-0080C7055A83" width="32" height="32">
<param name="RowDelim" value="
<param name="FieldDelim" value="|">
<param name="TextQualifier" value="'">
<param name="EscapeChar" value>
<param name="UseHeader" value="-1">
<param name="SortAscending" value="-1">
<param name="SortColumn" value>
<param name="FilterValue" value>
<param name="FilterCriterion" value="??">
<param name="FilterColumn" value>
<param name="CharSet" value>
<param name="Language" value>
<param name="CaseSensitive" value="-1">
<param name="Sort" value>
<param name="Filter" value>
<param name="AppendData" value="0">
<param name="DataURL" value="filetoread.txt">
<param name="ReadyState" value="4">

<SCRIPT langueage="javascript">

file = fileid.recordset
document.write(file.GetString) // unusefull

// heres good way to read file contents if you are only reading

//document.write('<br><SPAN DATASRC="#fileid" DATAFLD="names"></SPAN>')


If this confused you please tell me im really desperedly trying to get this work. And all help is apreciated! [edited by - Craazer on May 28, 2003 5:09:00 PM]

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Hey just wanted to say that I finally found the answer and if somebodys intrested it''s
for getting one field of current phase.

I still don''t know why people doesn''t use this becose this seems to be good and (now) easy to use, even I''ve read that it works only whit Internet Explorer.

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