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Going from design doc to tech spec...

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I have a design doc for a new and simple game id like to make (well simple compared to the past games I have made). To make it I used some great resources on www.gamasutra.com mostly the "The anatomy of a Design Document 1 & 2". These resources were great and I pounded out a 5 page design document for a game im wanting to make. The question is, now what? i could jump into the code and do extreem programming, but last time I did this on a project it didnt really finish because I ran into severl key problems (show stoppers) that even before coding I didnt think would be difficult. Im hoping to avoid this and nail down the parts that will be more difficult than others (the physics of the man running round for instance, or how will the level file format work, can i squeeze in a level editor for the game?) So any good references for how to make a good tech spec, I suspect I could just search out UML stuff and do use case diagrams etc.. (Even though UML and mostly use cases seem way over kill for this project). Any other suggestions on what to do? Btw if you are a coder, mature, and willing to work on a project, drop me a line at codejoy@yahoo.com i can send you the the design document to get what u think of it and see if youd like to help. Though the game is very set in the technologies it will use (older techonologies for simplicity sake), other than that the game design itself is ready to change... Thanks for your time, Shane

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