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I''ve looked around gamedev for some tutorials on networking in C++, but I haven''t had any luck. I wanna be able to do something like telnet or an FTP client or something. dont just say ''its called google'' or something to that effect...

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Not to be rude, but Google and askjeeves are your friends. This site may have some. If you want, there was an article writen a few weeks ago that talked about winsock programming with a MUD. I don''t no of any that are good. Also, did you check the networking section for programming on this site?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~beej/guide/net/html/ -- Beej''s guide is a nice generic socket tutorial. *nix based, but winsock is almost the same (just have to start and stop the interface, and use SOCKET instead of int.. a few others I can''t remember - he details most of the major differences). I found it useful because it wasn''t aimed directly towards game developers but towards a wider networking audience. Hope this helps.

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John Hattan did a review on a networking engine called RakNet. I''ve done a bit of low-level sockets work a few years ago and it''s not fun - RakNet wraps everything up and provides a lot of great features for making networking easy as hell. It even uses UDP instead of TCP and ensures that all packets arrive and can even make sure they arrive in order (something TCP sockets do automatically but UDP doesn''t). UDP is also faster than TCP so it''s great for games (which the engine is targeted for). Check out John''s review here. The electronic distribution license is even only $99.


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thx all for the help...

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