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How practical is PERL as a game script language?

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I am quite new to the whole game dev scene, and I have been reading these boards for hours on end each day. I just did a search in this forum on perl to see as to whether or not this question has been asked. But mostly is was only mentioned once or twice in other topics concering lua or python. Mainly I ask about perl''s practicality because that is the language I have the most experience with, and I like it. So please, share any useful info or personal experiences with perl which may be helpful. Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------ // TODO: Insert clever comment here.

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I''m originally a C/C++ programmer who came upon Perl because of my job and have come to really enjoy using it (for almost everything), and have more recently become enamored of Python.

Although I have never used Perl as scripting language within a game engine, but I have used the Perl SDL bindings. There is (You may already know) a game written using Perl entirely which is fairly popular in the Linux community called Frozen Bubble. It is well worth checking into as an example of Perl''s capabilities.

My impression is that while Perl is wonderful for fast/mostly stable production of small to medium projects, it is not well suited to large programs, it becomes hard to manage code. Perl has been compared to an 800 pound Gorilla, and I think this is true, Perl can really do a great job of quickly flattening programming problems, but it''s unwieldy.

I don''t think I would use it for an in engine scripting language simply because I think it might bloat the engine too much, but I would happily use Perl for a small game like frozen bubble.

Just my two cents.

-- Aaron

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