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Level editors for independent engines

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Well, I''ve been working on a 3D engine for a while now, and it''s gotten to the point that we don''t have a reasonable method of making levels in our native data format, so I''ve been looking around at other level-making tools such as Q3Radiant and its brethren, Valve''s Hammer Editor, QuArK, etc. I''d rather make use of a tool that doesn''t cost tons of money to acquire (3DS Max, Maya, XSI, etc), but the game-specific tools all come with restrictions in their EULA saying things like "you may only create levels for Quake 3 with this tool" and since my engine is quite clearly not Quake 3, it seems I can''t use them. I''ve looked at QuArK, and it has support for Crystal Space and Torque, so it seems there is hope - all I need to do is make a custom importer or exporter. On a related note, how many people using OGRE, NeoEngine, and any others that have "Quake3 BSP loaders" are using Radiant or a similarly-restricted tool to create content, and how friendly will id be when these people start selling content created with their tools, without paying id their $500K in licensing fees?

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