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Direct X?

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NO! DirectX is a Graphics source, which is needed to run graphics. But in Game-dev language, DirectX is actually DirectX SDK, which is the software that you use to make graphics for games...

Bottom Line : No DX is not a Programming Language!


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DirectX is an API. API stands for Application Programming Interface.

In very basic terms, DirectX is something that your programming language can use to display pictures, play sounds, get input from the keyboard/mouse/joystick/etc., work with network communication, etc.

You don''t have to use DirectX to make a game, but it helps a lot.

There are a lot more details obviously, but this is the basic picture.

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Actually Battleguard, DirectX is a collection of interfaces... and they do a lot more than graphics.

DirectX is divided into several parts:

- Direct3D: This handles graphics
- DirectInput: This handles input from input devices
- DirectPlay: This handles network communication
- DirectShow: This handles movies. I don''t know much about it.
- DirectSound: This handles sound

DirectX is more than just graphics

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Its not a graphics source or a language.

DirectX is whats called an API or Application Programming Interface. DirectX provides a broad range of libraries that are written to interact with the various sorts of graphics cards, sound cards, modems, and just about everything else you can thing of that has anything to do with a game.

DirectX is a standard that the makers of hardware write their drivers to work with. This is good for you because it provides you with a common programming platform to work with.

The DirectX API is composed of lots and lots functions thaat allow you to deal directly with hardware without having to write a humongous case statement for every driver out there. If you call the Direct3D function to clear the video RAM, DirectX uses the appropriate driver and does it for you.

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