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Exporting template functions with a DLL

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Alright, I know that this *should* compile and give me a .dll and .lib file, but all I get is a .dll file. Please tell me why... The header file



#pragma once

#define MUTEX_DLL __declspec(dllexport)
#define MUTEX_DLL __declspec(dllimport)

#include <windows.h>
#include <fstream.h>

template <class T>
class cMutex
	//## Constructor

	MUTEX_DLL cMutex();
	MUTEX_DLL ~cMutex();

	//## Check to see if the mutex is locked

	MUTEX_DLL bool	IsLocked();

	//## Lock the mutex

	MUTEX_DLL T*		Lock();

	//## Unlock the mutex

	MUTEX_DLL bool	Unlock();

	//## Get a copy of the data ( if you cannot actually edit the real value )

	MUTEX_DLL T*		GetCopy();

	//## Retreive the pointer

	MUTEX_DLL T*		GetPtr();

	//## Set the pointer

	MUTEX_DLL bool	SetPtr(T*);

	//## Set true/false for de-allocation on the destructor

	MUTEX_DLL bool	SetDeallocate(bool);

	//## Pointer to the protected data

	T		*m_pData;

	//## Number of bytes allocated (for creating copies of the data)

	WORD	m_nBytesAllocated;

	//## ID of the thread that called Lock().  Only that same

	//## thread can unlock the mutex.

	DWORD	m_dwCallerID;

	//## Do we want to deallocate the memory on ~cMutex() ???

	bool	m_bDeallocateOnDestructor;
Here is the .cpp file:



#include "cmutex.h"

template<class T>
MUTEX_DLL cMutex<T>::cMutex()
	// Initialize the values

	m_bDeallocateOnDestructor = true;
	m_dwCallerID = 0;
	m_nBytesAllocated = 0;
	m_pData = NULL;
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What compiler are you using?
If I'm not mistaken there is a checkbox to turn of lib generated files so you only end up with a dll.

One funny thing that still beats me thought is that I once had to add /implib:"libname.lib" in the project settings under the link tab in VC++
Must have done something crazy...

I can't tell what's supposed to be right and wrong but I tend to add in your case the MUTEX_DLL in the class defenition instead of before every function.

class MUTEX_DLL cMutex
// more code...

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