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Direct X

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Alright. I''ve made a few simple VB games and taken 2 VB courses. We''ve covered some stuff but nothing that deals with bitblt? or something like that or Direct X. The graphics for my previous games suck. And to me graphics are important. I do some work in 3D design as well as a lot of 2D work. I only recently have picked up the coding aspect of game design and I want to learn how to use Direct X in VB. I will be taking C++ classes but not for a little while. What is the best tutorial out there to help me? Any help is really appreciated. Or if anyone could direct me to someone willing to teach me? Like I''ve looked a few Direct X tutorials and I understand the buffer thing and flipping. But I don''t understand the code at all. Like why do you add this. And what does this do?

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I made two DirectX engines in VB before I began C++. One was for 2D games, using DXSprite; The other was for 3D games. I learned by using mostly online tutorials and other people's source code.

DirectX4VB and Lucky's VB Gaming Site are some good sites for advanced VB game development.

. . .

[EDIT] Some DirectX stuff at PlanetSourceCode is good, but some of it is VERY wrong, so I would just recommend against it completely when it comes to DirectX and VB.

[EDIT2] I would also like to recommend sticking with DX8 with VB as there isn't much information available with using DX9 with VB.

Rob Loach
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