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Convert this struct to a vb type :\

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This is the struct in VC.
struct __attribute__((packed)) {
	BYTE id;
	BYTE gn;
	BYTE status;
	char creator[16];
	BYTE type;
	BYTE scorelimit;
	BYTE timelimit;
	BYTE playerlimit;
	char name[31];
	char mapauthor[16];
	char mapname[31];
	BYTE teams;
	BYTE pwdprotect;
	BYTE teamscore[4];
	WORD fanfare;
} gameinfo;
This is what i converted it to.
Public Type GameInfo
    id As Byte
    gn As Byte
    status As Byte
    creator As String * 16
    type As Byte
    scorelimit As Byte
    timelimit As Byte
    playerlimit As Byte
    name As String * 31
    mapauthor As String * 16
    mapname As String * 31
    teams As Byte
    pwdprotect As Byte
    teamscore(4) As Byte
    fanfare As Integer
End Type
hmmm... i seeme to have an invalid length or so, could anyone check it please? thanx [edited by - -Fruz- on June 4, 2003 8:05:38 AM]

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By default, most C++ compilers will add a couple dummy bytes to the front of a struct to make its length a multiple of 4.

You can account for that, or just turn it off with:

#pragma pack(1)

(I think)

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Your C/C++ char arrays have to account for a NULL-terminator. I don''t *think* VB''s fixed-length strings include this in their length. So (I think)

char name[31];

will become

name As String *30

I may be wrong though, it''s a while since I used VB...

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In MS Visual Studio, there''s a tool included that converts win API declarations in C to VB-declarations. You''ll find it under
"Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Tools/API Text Viewer". You can just load any C-file you want.

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