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Back when I was a little younger all my friends wanted to play football for England and spent most of their time playing football down on the reck. While they were doing this I was playing Outrun and Street Fighter 2 in a seedy little back street arcade frequented by drug addicts and other low lives. Well I don''t know about them but today my dream came true, from Monday I am a PS2 programmer working at a very reputable UK developer. The reason I am writing this post is not to brag (well maybe a little) but to tell people some things that I always wanted to know about exactly what skills you need to get on the first rung of the ladder. I am 24. I have a degree in softwrae engineering (1st class, just). I have never used Direct3D but my OpenGL skills are strong along with my general programming skills. I am not a mathematical genius but i have worked very hard on my maths over the past 6 months (My math limits are round about ray / plane intersection and point in tri level). I made a quake 3 rip off demo that wasn''t as good as quake 3 to take to my interview. I read a lot and buy lots of books from Amazon. I don''t use internet tutorials cause i think that they nearly all pale when put next to a genuine paper copy of something that has been developed by a proffesional writer / coder. There like I say the reason I have posted this is because I would always have liked to know peoples skill levels when they got into the industry and I have seen other people ask the question many times. Live The Dream !

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