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Locking VB crash

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In my mesh class, I use the following function to add vertices to the vb. This is done after the model data has been loaded from the file. The problem is that after several iterations (I use this in a for loop), the function crashes on the memcpy method.
HRESULT AddVertex(CRTMesh* pMesh, const Vec3& vVertex, const Vec3& vNormal, float tu, float tv, bool newGroup)
	if ( !pMesh)

	rtMesh* mesh = pMesh->GetStruct();

    DWORD iDataSize = sizeof(RTVERTEX2);


	RTVERTEX2* pVertices = NULL;
	ver.CreateVertex (vVertex, vNormal, tu, tv);

	if (newGroup)
		rtMeshGroup gr;

		gr.VertexStart = mesh->iNextVertexData;
		gr.VertexCount = 0;
		gr.bUseDetail = gr.bSphereMap = false;
		gr.Radius = 0.0f;
		gr.SphereCenter = Vec3(0,0,0);
		gr.MaxBox = gr.MinBox = Vec3(0,0,0);
		gr.pTexture = gr.pDetail = NULL;
		gr.pMaterial = NULL;
		mesh->nMaterials ++;
	if (FAILED(mesh->pVB->Lock(mesh->iNextVertexData, iDataSize, (void**)&pVertices, D3DLOCK_NOOVERWRITE)))
		return RT_FAIL_VBLOCK;
				CopyMemory (pVertices, (void*)&ver, sizeof(RTVERTEX2));
	if (FAILED(mesh->pVB->Unlock()))

	mesh->iNextVertexData += iDataSize;
	mesh->nVertices ++;

	return RT_OK;
The vb size can hold the vertices, the pool is dynamic and as you see I am locking it every one vertex I add. I know this isnt efficient, but it shouldnt crash, right? iNextVertexData initially is zero as it should be, what am I doing wrong here? (sorry if the formatting has gone weird..)

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I create the VB:

dev->CreateVertexBuffer (wVertexCount * sizeof(RTVERTEX2),

(I am not using X files).

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Did you try debugging? What are the return codes on all your function calls?

My guess is that you''re going over the size limit of the buffer, that happens a lot and produces that nasty blip of a program execution.

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Found it, it wasnt entirely my fault. I was loading an MS3D file, and it is apparently using indexed tri lists for storing its data. I am using tri lists, and my vertex count needed to be 3 * tri count, whereas the MS3D vertex count was about half of the tris.

And believe me, I have tried everything, I got it working now, thanks.

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