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I''m trying to find a way implement drop down menus and pop up dialogue boxes to control certain parameters in program. Right now I am using the pop up menus that are included with glut but I need to make a real menu. Any suggestions on how to do this or where I could read up on being able to do this? Thanks

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I heard there are some OpenGl GUIs available, but I don''t know how good they are, never used any.
Anyway, I would suggest making your own GUI, it is not that hard, and it has some advantages:
1. You don''t need various libraries.
2. Looks better (you have total freedom).
3. Is portable.

Also, you should use SDL over Glut, it provides more features, and SDL is an ongoing project, as opposed to glut which is dead.

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If you really just want a quick GUI system, check out Glow or Glui. Probably your best bet. They both use Glut, but they totally take over the api, which means you can't use Glut functions outside of the library. Kinda sucky.

As for SDL over Glut: I don't think Glut is *that* bad. I use it for simple demo's all the time; when I just want to fool around with a new idea. And the "SDL_" prefix on everything drives me fucking nuts. I have heard of and SDL gui system, but I have no idea what it's called.

Best bet like the Raduprv said - build your own. I eventually came to the conclusion (after a _very_ long search) that this was the best way to go. My gui system as it stands now is very flexible. I may release it open source one day when I complete it.

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