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DirectX7.0 - Sound for MP3

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As you say, you mean i need to learn Direct X 8.0 or 9.0 instead of DirectX 7.0? but is it have too many different between Direct X 7.0 , Directx 8.0 and Directx9.0
When I do the game, i just have directx8.0 SDK, so, if i learn Directx9.0, how can i found DirectX 9.0 SDK?

I am learning directx7.0, so, is it difficult to change Directx9.0 and is it have so many different between them

thx for your help

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Guest Anonymous Poster
go to
download the dx9 sdk and go through the tutorials that are included

dx7 and dx8 are quite a bit different

dx7 requires initialising directdraw and all this other stuff
dx8 is wrapped up all nice

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If you're working on a 2D game, then you might be better off sticking with 7. DX9 kinda gets rid of DDraw, and it's a bit more difficult to do 2D junk in DX9. Admittedly, you can use a Sprite interface, but DDraw is really so much easier. Then you don't have to worry about Textures, and so on.

Perhaps you should use the BASS sound system library. It's free for noncommercial uses. It works through DirectSound, and all you need is DX3 or later. But it includes support for the DX8 effects.

Oops, my bad. Let me include a link!

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