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Bitmap text outlines?

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Has anyone looked at the fonts used in some of the newer games out, like "Soldier of Fortune 2" ? They have a thin pinline around the text. This outline is not part of the original texture (I''ve checked). Also notice how the pinline stays the same thickness no matter how large the text is scaled: Example The biggest problem with adding the outline into the font bitmap is due to scaling. Bitmap fonts don''t scale well as it is, but a scaled outline looks even worse, either getting too thick or bleeding into the text. If the outline was applied after the scaling, it would remain the same size and could help sharpen it up. So I''m wondering how might this outline be generated? Is there perhaps some standard way of making a texture ''glow'' with a certain color around the alpha edges? Any ideas at all would be appreciated. I''ve spent all day doing searches and trying to think of ideas, but none of them look as good as what other games are using.

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They could just be rendering it twice, once scaled slightly larger and set to black, then at normal size with the proper colour.

Personally I''d just add it to the bitmap because it''s not a big deal unless you are scaling to extreme levels. If your texture is set to the smallest size you''ll use, then results are going to be bad. I tend to use a bitmap size that''s in the middle so scaling to the largest or smallest isn''t a serious change.

Alternately, make the texture at the largest size you need it (with outline) and manually create the mipmap levels with your nice clean outline. It''s a lot more effort, but the results should be exactly what you want and be quite efficient.

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