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What is a SKYBOX?

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just easy it. "

LOL is that an answer?

A skybox is a method just like skysphere, to represent skys and static backgrounds. It is basically a cube, textured on the inside with 5 or 6 textures (each face has a texture). The way I do it in my engine is create a really small cube, sized 1x1x1 say, and render it at camera position, with zwrites disabled after the rendered scene.

You can of course contain the entire scene *in* the box, but you would have to cope with far clipping plane issues.

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F_O_X - do you even read the posts you respond to? I''ve read several of your responses today and they don''t even pertain to the poster''s question, much less offer help.


Ilankt: A sky box is a big cube with textures aimed at the inside; your camera and world geometry are inside it, making the inside of the box look like the sky from the point of view of the camera. Picture building a terrain model and putting your camera at the origin, then enclosing the whole thing in a big box - big enough to enclose the terrain mesh - with sky textures on the inside surfaces.

A skybox can be made with minimal polys - just find a nice texture to stretch over them. Move the skybox with your camera, so as the user moves the camera around, the sky doesn''t move also.

Search Google and the web for skybox examples.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

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