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Artificial Intelligence

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Hi, i''m about to choose the degree I want to do at university and am kind of stuck. There are 3 courses I would like to do:
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
I want to do A.I. the most but i''m unsure as to what it entails: Is it quite difficult to pick up? Is it quite maths intensive? And what''s the best way to get started? Writing Quake 3 bots? I''d rather get started just now with it so if I do decide to take the A.I. course at university I will have a head start. Thanks in advance...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
well i''m doing computer science at the moment, and certianly for one thing there are (in my course anyway) logic/AI and maths units that you can take, which is probably the case at most universities. maybe look into how much you can tailor your course - i think most courses have parts where you can choose certain options. don''t forget, if you''re keen you can always sit in on other lectures or photocopy the lecture notes of a mate who''s on that course - then you can learn the stuff you want to without being pressured to do all the coursework!

one of my housemates did some AI as part of her course (engineering maths), and from what i could see the maths was all sets and probabilities and programming was in fril and looked generally hideous - but the lecturer taught me for some other stuff and he is pretty dire so i don''t know if it''s always that bad or just him. she didn''t like it because a lot of it was logic programming, meaning that she was having to learn AI and programming at the same time!

i suppose my advice would be computer science - provided that
a) you''re interested enough in it to do it as your main course and b) that you can do options in other stuff you want to do (ie AI) - the point being that the programming you''ll learn can then be aplied to AI, hence you''ll know both, rather than knowing all about AI but with little programming know-how so you find it hard to implement, which will piss you off.

good luck with it whatever you choose!

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