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RPG's AI and databases

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Hi Let me see if i can explain what i mean in a understandable way I wanted to know, if someone has any knowledge from a design point of view, of a way to integrate the npc''s dialogs we see in Morrowind for example, with a database. I do understand how to get the text available from an item, we just make a query to database searching for example for "water", and the query returns the text associated with the item., but, as i understand it''s possible to make quests just by adding values to a database... any ideias how is this done ? thanks, Bruno

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EDIT: Removed my post. I totally screwed up the question completely!

- Patrik Willbo

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I haven''t played Morrwind, but I''ve played the prevous game, The Elder Scrolls II, whatever.

All of the quests are done in a tree fashion.

Guy one can -> find -> lost child
-> spell componet
-> Someone''s friend
-> steal -> spell componet
-> book
-> explore -> dungen
-> Castle
-> Kill -> Friend

Then you have a graph between objects. You select randomly which ones you want. They also have anti-quests, which randomly conflict with other quests.

when player guards something -> thief guild wants to steal it

I guess, usually, all the quests are pretty cookie cutter...
which has to happen, since they are random...

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