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Hi, I am looking for a tutorial on making sprites. I have already looked at the reference section, and the "So you want to be a Pixel artist" article. It was a great help, and I got a lot from it, but I cannot open lesson 8 on how to actually make sprites. I was there on Monday but since then I can''t get in. When I finally did, it was all in gibberish, all sorts of squares and swgiggly lines and that kind of stuff. Are there any other tutorials out there? I have already found some but, there not really about making sprites, there just about improving. I don''t even know what program to use; I need the beginner’s section. So if you could lead me to some the help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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while this doesnt really address your question,

are you a programer?

if so maybe you could find somone to do some graphics for you,

that way you let somone exercise thier tallent while you can execise yours?

perhaps you could post a request on the help wanted forum?

i havent seen any other tutorials on sprite creation,

i use Poser4 which is a character creation software package,
to do my sprite modeling and rendering, so you may want to look into that and tutorials for it.

hope this helps in some way =/

Raymond Jacobs,
Profesional Web Applications Developer,
Weekend Game Developer,

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Thanks for replying. Yes I am a programmer (not a good one yet, I''m still learning), but the reason I wanted to know about sprites, is I want to make a small game by myself, nothing to big but something one person could handle making. I wanted to at least see what I''m getting myself into, and just have the experiance. Thanks again for the reply I''ll check out that Poser4, thanks alot!

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