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RPG Damage and Multiple hits

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Heres a good one: Lets say we ditch the "Strength" attribute/stat/skill and replace it with an equivalent. I propose that Accuracy be the more important stat; and that, ala the original final fantasy, accuracy is used as a hit multiplier and is reduced by the target''s evade. Lets take an example. For this we need an Actor''s Attack damage (provided by weapon), Accuracy, and Target Defense (by armor) and Evade. The weight of weapon or armor *could* affect accuracy and evade, but thats an arbitration. While on Arbitration, I''m choosing 8 as a full an accurate hit, and choosing 7 as the random amount. Actor Attack = 10 Actor Accuracy = 27 Target Defense = 9 Target Evade = 14 Accuracy - Evade = 13 + Random(0, 7) = [13, 20] Divide by 8. Number of hits = 1 or 2. 10*1=10, 10*2=20 Remove Defense. Result is 1 or 11 damage. Now, what am I getting at here? If you statistically analyze attacks over some large number, the attack damage times 10 minus the evade percent is how much damage on average is done. For enemies with higher evade percentages, this leads to a lot more missing on the player''s side. On a bad day (when the dice or rand() just wont cooperate), that type of thing can be fustrating. My thinking is that with the strength multiplier gone, and instead the Accuracy multiplier taking over, we have about the same average damage, except with a lot less missing. Plus the animation of a 5 hit combo has some good potential.

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