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Converting TruSpace files to x-files

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I want to know how to convert files that are created in TruSpace 3 into X files that can be usd by Direct X. What are .DXF files. I know that TS4 can auotmatically export to X files but TS3 cannot. Thank you for your help. Creativity -- Concept -- Code Your game is nothing if you don't have all three.

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Actually, TrueSpace 3.2 supports output to the X model format. It might be worth it to get the upgrade. It was $99 when it came out, so It should be cheaper now. It added support for OpenGL and Direct3D Solid Render Displays alond with a few cool plugins.

WOW!! i just check the website and am shocked. I paid around $495 for TS3 when it came out and now they are selling it for $99. Bastards!!

You can get the TrueSpace file format spec from:

The docs are at the very bottom of the page.

You could also get fancy and write the exporter as a TrueSpace Extension module.

Actually, the conversion is fairly easy. I started to write a ACII *.cob(TrueSpace) to ACII *.x converter way back when I first started playing with DX(3.0). I ended up creating my own file format when I moved from Retained Mode to Immediate Mode.

If you get desperate let me know and I can dig up what I have and email it to you. But be warned, it was never fully debuged and I was still really learning to program.

I think DXF is ''Drawing Exchage Format''. It was the AutoCad format way back when. It ended up as kind of a ''standard'' way of exporing/importing data between drawing programs. The 3ds file format is used more and more as a standard,which you will notice when you go hunting for free 3D models. For instance:


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Guest Anonymous Poster
use 3dexplorer to export .cob to .x and some other formats

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