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Writing post that show proper source code

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Hi all, I am wondering how some of you guys do that thing when you write your post and include an example source that is in a window like box and looks like Visual C++ way of colour coding identifiers and reserved words. I hate the way that when I indent code for readability, this site takes the whole indents away making my code look like I am some sort of programming beginner who can''t even indent code. I think the way some people did it was it include a HTML tag code but I am not sure. Can someone tell me how this is done because I wanna how I can give example code on this site and make it look readable. for (int i=0; i<20; i++) { cout<<"Thanks for any help in advance"<Dark Star

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You do like this

int main()
cout << "Just testing..." << endl;

click the "edit message" button to check out how i did it...
(you cant edit it, but you CAN se what i wrote)

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