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What for a data structure?

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Hello guys I code an octree data structure(Thanks to TCS)and I wonder if this data structure will be also good for a quake like ego-shooter.I don''t know whether Octrees or Bsp-Trees are better. Please help!

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Well it really depends on the kind of things/world you want to render.

Indoor :
BSP and Portal are common use.

Outdoor :
Octree or quadtree depending on the terrain complexity.

Anyway you wan mix an octree with a Portal engine to manage both indoor and outdoor environnement.
This will help a lot.
I think that hybrid systems are best, mix the different technics to supress the biggest drawback from both.
(Each will supress a problem found in the other tech, that way you''ll be faster.)

You can do it two way :

_Octree managing portals. (I''ve not thought mluch about that but it seems to be hard)
_Portals with octrees. (I think it''s much more easy and will give you some benefit over standard octree in outdoor environnement [thanks to portals], and over portal in indoor complex environnement [thanks to octree])

Notice that I think that you must manage PVS (~possible visible sets) and NVS (Non visible sets) in your octree to boost you''re rendering process.

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What you say about NVS is very important. I''ve done lot''s of research on this topic. if you have a portal / octree based indoor / outdoor engine, and use NVS in some special cases, you can archive a very huge speed up...



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