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Interest in a plug-in script engine DLL?

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I''m writing a scripting engine for my game, but the thought just struck me that it''s entirely portable and extendable by anyone who''ll write a couple lines of code. VC++ and Visual Basic support (I wrote the backend to play nice with the tile-engine frontend I wrote in VB). I haven''t found any real limitations (although a do-while type loop was a little difficult to implement). Would anyone be interested in such a thingamabob?

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Erk. Yeah. (Sorry, posted half-asleep. )

Here's a very generalized excerpt.

#EVENT_BLOCK# Define_Initialization
DimSw Switch1
DimSw Switch2
DimC Counter1
DimC Counter2
#EVENT_BLOCK# Check_If:TrueBlock
OKBox1 <thumbsup.gif|Both Switch1 and Switch2 are set true.>
#EVENT_BLOCK# Check_If:FalseBlock
OKBox1 <thumbsdown.gif|One or both of Switch1 and Switch2 are set false.>

That's a simple example of a basic AND operator type.

I personally designed this because I dislike Lua. This is not "truly" object oriented (which is not the be-all, end-all, thanks very much) yet, though I'm experimenting with ways to implement OO now. I also find that I can write in this faster than scripting in Lua, because since writing most of the game-specific functions is done by the programmer in his source files (I use a second .cpp file for mine), he generally knows exactly what everything does and if it's not well-named it's his fault .

It currently has only one mode of operation - interpreted - but I'm researching ways to also create bytecode-compiled ways as well.

EDIT: Spelling, grammar

[edited by - Edward Ropple on June 17, 2003 10:09:36 AM]

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