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Declaring a constant array

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static const void *const fixd_v[] = { ... } Here''s some C code you don''t see every day... Can anyone break this down and explain what each of the terms are doing? I just saw this in some code and I don''t quite understand why ''const'' is stated twice, as well as how ''static'' affects it. Thanks for any tips. As far as I can tell, however, it''s an array of void pointers...

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static = internal linkage (cannot be referenced outside of the translation unit (usually the .c|cpp) that it's delared in)

first const = pointer to const data (data pointed to cannot be changed)

second const = const pointer (pointer cannot be changed to point to something else)


it's a const pointer to an array of const void pointers that can only be used within the source file (or translation unit) that it is declared in (i.e no other .h or .c|cpp files have access to that array).

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