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New to DirectX, looking for info on using Borland Builder, and some general questions

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Hi, I''ve just started learning, or trying to learn, directx. I have just finished my 2nd year of a degree in computing, and am looking into producing a game for my final project. So I have started to learn Direct X to give me a platform for producing my game. In my course we use Borland Builder 5 to develop programs, and that is where I feel most comfortable in producing code. So anyway, to the point. I have looked round some of the beginner articles and looked at the examples that come with Builder, and have so far managed to write a program that creates a DD object and a primary surface with a back buffer, and thats about it! I have a few questions. I think the version of the SDK I''m using is 7, is it worth learning to write code for this, or should I get the latest version? Are there any code resources aimed at writing code in Builder? What are the main differences that I needed to know, between Builder and MS Visual C++? What should I look into to learn how to make a simple 2D game using Direct Draw? I.e., what functions etc are needed to get some 2d graphics moving around the screen? Any help is appreciated, I hope that I don''t sound too stupid. Like I say, I''m new to learning Direct X and am not sure where to start. Thanks.

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What is the main difference between CB and VC? From my point of view, there is a much greater amount of learning material for VC than CB. I''m not saying that as to DirectX, but in general. I read a few books on CB, but they were rather poor(there wasnt any choice.) From the point of view of tutorials, books, internet discussion; I would go for VC++ 6.

Its been a year since I read books on CB, this may have changed. Im not trying to down CB, it is a great way to create apps with a quickness.

I know I missed the heart of your post, but Im just getting in to DirectX myself.

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