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BSP Tree Rendering

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Hi! I just started learing about BSP Trees. I''m learing about the data structure to describe the tree and how to search the tree for which polygons to draw. However, I would like to implement this on the GameBoy Advance which has no built in polygon rendering features. Is it possible (or a good idea) to render polygons in code? If so, does anyone know of a good tutorial on the subject? I have searched on Google but can''t seem to find a beginners tutorial on how to do software polygon rendering? I''m sure I could use some shortcuts because my worlds (the game is going to be a wolfenstien/doom style first person shooter) will be a 2d grid that contains only square blocks (like the levels in wolfenstien). I have implemented a raycasting engine (complete with doors and pushable walls), but would like something a little more advanced (using the bsp tree to make the processing faster). All I need now is a way to render the polygons. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I think the GBA has an internal bliting engine with some
interesting capabilites (moderate).
If you''re looking for a software approach to polygon
rendering i suggest you go to google and search for DOS 3D
tutorials, and old tutorials written by demo-group coders.
Also, I know a bit of BSPT, from my course at Game Institute
(I never miss a chance to put some publicity on it, its
very good!), and I don''t know if you''ll have any real gain
in using BSPT. I don''t know if Castle Wolfenstein GBA, or
Duke Nukem 3D GBA or Doom 2 GBA used BSPT, maybe Doom 2 used
it, may duke nukem also use it, but for a game as simple in
concept as Castle Wolfenstein, you might want to use a diferent
aproach, one in which the relation between leafs and polys
isnt 1-1, but I digress, I''ll leave that part up to you, to
devise an hibrid culling algo for the GBA.

Good luck on your projects,

[Hugo Ferreira][Positronic Dreams]
I Am Digerati.

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