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OpenGL non-standard bitmap glyphs in opengl

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Hi all, I''m working on a physics/math experiment that involves the use of opengl for visualisation. I''m not an expert but have some experience with opengl. Can someone please direct me to info about how to import a 2d bitmap file in windwos so that I can use it to generate greek or other letters? My linux code for importing a jpg has worked directly in windows, but I can''t get everything to work in harmony for a bitmap. Maybe I''m doing that wrong, so links to a good linux tutorial on this would be great. If I use NeHe''s windows api stuff I can''t run on linux/unix, and I often encounter sun or other linux/unix systems. But the glutBitmapCharacter() function doesn''t give any fonts with greek letters. Russian letters would work, so if there''s a russian font that works with glutBitmap... my problems are solved. Otherwise, I need to open and use -- in the classical sense -- a bitmap file on disk. Thanks. jpb

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I believe that your problem is endian-ness

I think SUN is big endia, while Intel is little endia.

Try flipping the bytes, and then binding the texture.
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