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A 2d game....

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Hey there, I''ve been spending some time learning the GL tutorials on NeHe, and I''ve come to the conclusion that I want to start developing a game in GL in order to learn more GL and put my programming skills to a practical use. My question is, where would be a good place to start in order to make a 2d game like Worms Armorgeddon or Scorched Earth? I''ve ordered the "red" and "blue" books, but they haven''t arrived yet. Does anyone have any tips regarding making a 2d landscape that can be destroyed, and collision dectection, etc? Thanks for any help! Jim

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First go there.. Plenty of articles here at gamedev. Collision detecting for a worms armageddon is simply just devising some bounding boxes around your characters(worms) And you''ll also need to devise collision for your weopons with your world.(the ground etc)

If you want to have land blow up... thats all you have to do. Erase it... edit the image. You can do whatever your heart please. For worms... they had both a background image, and a forground image. The back image was basically a backdrop... something pretty to add depth in a 2d world. The foreground could be shot or blown up though. If you go and play the game most explosions create a concentric hole. There is a ''blast radius'' that is set for the weapon, and anything within that radius from the point of collision is taken out... and then the screen updated.

Things to keep in mind... transparent objects(pixels) can''t be collided with. But...your the programmer... do what you want.


Things stated are only my opinion =o)

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