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from TriFans to Indexed TriLists...

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ok! i am trying to upgrade my vertex buffer of trifans to an index buffer of indexed tri-lists. the situation is this: 1) i have a mesh that has a number of surfaces. 2) each surface may not have the same number of vertices. 3) each surface''s vertices are arranged in tri-fans initially. 4) some surfaces have indices and so the vertices in these surfaces are arranged in tri-lists. now to arrange everything into one vertex buffer and index buffer:

//for each mesh, it has an array of Surfaces pointers


DWORD totalVertexCount = 0;
for(int i=0; i<SurfaceCount; i++)
     int surfaceVertexCount = Surfaces[i]->VertexCount;


     //build subset information


     attr.AttribId    = i;
     attr.VertexStart = totalVertexCount;
     attr.VertexCount = surfaceVertexCount;
     attr.FaceStart   = i;
     attr.FaceCount   = 1;

     //every node stores a single mesh

     //and its attributes



     totalVertexCount += surfaceVertexCount;
hopefully this makes some sense so far... next, i created an empty vertex buffer and did all the memcpy...etc now to create the index buffer:

//some working variables


int totalIndexCount = (totalVertexCount - 2) * 3;
int num_bytes = totalIndexCount * sizeof(USHORT);


//create the index buffer for this node


device->CreateIndexBuffer( num_bytes, 
			   NULL );


//lock indexbuffer

//the portion below is not correct


USHORT* indices = NULL;
USHORT* p = indices;
hr = node->indices->Lock(0, 0, (void**)&indices, 0);


//for all mesh''s surfaces


for(int k=0;  k<SurfaceCount;  k++)

      //for each triangle(each vertex has 3 indices)

      //012, 123, 234, ...


      for(int j=0; j<cmesh->Surfaces[k]->VertexCount; j++)
	   *p++ = node->subsets[k].VertexStart + j;
	   *p++ = node->subsets[k].VertexStart + j + 1;
	   *p++ = node->subsets[k].VertexStart + j + 2;
hr = node->indices->Unlock();
well... thats so far i have for the conversion, it seems that i might be missing something here, i do know that each surface may have indices as well, and thats one more area i am particularly confused of how to handle it. but before that, i am pretty sure that the above codes have some errors(coz i kept crashing), so i am wondering if anyone out there who has done the same thing and would like to share how you did it. thx alot fer reading! edwinz

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