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Rendering director/flash/or some other product...

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Hello! Being very frustrated with the development of a menu system with a constantly changing design I am strongly considering for our next project to produce a rendering component capable of rendering things made with a third party product such as Macromedia Director/Flash or some other 2D animation and iteraction package. Does any of you have any experience of this? Have you heard of the concept? Any tasty links for me ( google had none :-( ) Such a component would indeed be a time saver for the entire team... Cheers Per

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Well you can use an activeX control to display a flash movie, or a director movie. You can have the actionscript/lingo code generate events your host app can pickup.

I frequently do it the other way: My games usually run as director projectors, with most of the logic implemented in lingo, and most of the algorithms implemented in c++ plugins.

For me this works really well, but it might not be the way to go if you''re new with director. I can stronlgy recommended it though. (Havok physics library included for free).

So it sort of depends on what kind of a project it is, what the best solution would be.

Good luck, Lucas

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