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Embedding graphics generated by ActiveX into a DirectX app?

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Hi all, I''m attempting to find a way to integrate an ActiveX control (in this case, Flash) into a fullscreen DirectX application. I have seen the sample code which lets you overlay a GDI dialog box (or whatever) onto a DirectX fullscreen app, but this doesn''t work for me, I ideally need to be able to somehow run the ActiveX window in the background and then grab the contents of it''s GDI window so that I have a bitmap that I can use in DirectX. The sample provided in the SDK just stamps the GDI surface over the front buffer using hardware, and I need to render stuff *over the top* of the Flash. Not only that, but I need the transparent areas of the Flash to remain transparent so that I can draw stuff *behind* the Flash as well!!! I have spent several days trying to work this one out, and I''m a bit stuck. I did search the archives, and similar questions have been asked before, but not answered satifactorily. I know it''s possible to use Flash inside DirectX because someone has already done it: http://www.swfxxl.com/ I might ask them but I doubt that they''ll want to give their ''secret'' away

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