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router -> port forwarding

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My internet access is through an ADSL modem, through a router, and then to my PC. It's the way my landlord has it set up, I have no say. That means that by default, I can't host network games/apps from my PC, because the router rejects incoming connection requests on the ports I use. Not that it would know where to direct them anyway. I asked my landlord a few months ago to give me the password to his router so I could go in and configure it properly, but he's VERY anal about computer security, although he knows very little about how networks run. He trusts me, but he thinks that changing any router/firewall settings will allow hackers to come in and clean out his bank accounts or something. He said "oh gosh, I don't want to bring down the whole net". I think that Sandra Bullock movie "The Net" had a profound effect on him, heh. anyway, he said he'd get back to me about the password a few times, but hasn't. I never owned/used a router before, so I don't know for sure how to enable port forwarding for my purposes. For the reasons stated above, I can't go in and just play around with it until it works. I can probably catch him in a good mood, and then change what I need to and be SURE it works, because he will surely change the password after I'm done, and if I need to ask him for it again, it'll look like I don't know what I'm doing (which ironically enough, would be true). I looked at the manual for his router, and have a good idea what needs to be configured, but I would like if someone could look it over and tell me if I'm missing anything. The online manual for the router: The ports I need for my game are 10611 for TCP and 10711 for UDP. As far as I know, I would need to add my ports in the Virtual Server section, but what about the Enabling Special Applications section? Would I need to change anything there? Thanks. [edited by - foofightr on June 18, 2003 2:14:58 PM]

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First note:

If he''s worried about security, tell him to get a real firewall. =)

Second note:

You should be able to just go to Virtual Server and add your TCP and UDP port. Since you''ll do a straight translation, you can just use your IP for the private port and then set the TCP and UDP ports public and private to the same values.

TCP:10611 -> Private IP 10611
UDP:10711 -> Private IP 10711

You shouldn''t need special applications unless your game uses a range of ports for communication, say your game could connect using 10711 - 10715, it needs to know that connections from that entire range may be associated with the origional connection. Odds are you won''t need this, but its possible. Depends on the game.


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