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Collision Libraries or Source Repository

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Hi I had implemented a very strong engine that allow very accurately collision detection between sphere, AABB and meshes But now I want to include other bounding volumes like Cylinders, Cones, OBB, ... Writing my own collision functions for all they will take me a very long time. But I know they are several places where you can found source for collision or free libraries that support those bounding objects. Any link is welcome. If possible the function to test two bounding objects must include trajectory. e.g. CollisionReport* Test( cOBB* pOBB, Vector3f Start, Vector3f End, cCone* pCone, Vector3f Start, Vector3f End ); Thanks in advance fpuig

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here are some physics libraries/collision libraries you mite want to look at.. dont know how many functions and stuff they support thou:


im about to do something similar, so if you feel like being nice you could let us know which one u decided to use & why..

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I found this link too with very usefull codes:


The collision packages like RAPID, SWIFT, OPCODE and other similars, aren''t usefull to me. Just because they provide support for collision against meshes or polygon soups. I''m currently using OpenDE for physics and It has the advantage that has functions to detect collision against bounding boxes even with velocity. If any one found other link to a source or a tutorial that support bounding objects collision queries please reply.


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