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pointer arrrays

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i want to make a pointer to and array like this [size][3] in c++. size is a number loaded from a file. but i don''t know how cause i tried a few way but it didn''t work. anyone know how?

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Easiest is to do the multiply yourself:

float * f = new float[ size*3 ];

float0fromnth = f[ n*3 ];
float1fromnth = f[ n*3+1 ];
float2fromnth = f[ n*3+2 ];

If you really want the array like that, that should work fine, as the "last" sizer of the array can be dynamic, but the others cannot.

float * f = new float[size][3]; // works
float * f = new float[3][size]; // doesn''t work

Here''s some code:

float (*f)[3];

void func( int size )
f = new float[size][3];

Remember that declarations read from in to out, first right, and then left (paying attention to parens).


float *f[3]; // f is array of 3 elements of pointer to float
float (*f)[3]; // f is pointer to array of 3 elements of float

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Oh, btw, a more C++-ish way (yeah I know new is kinda C++ already) :

vector<vector<float> > v;
v.resize( size, vector( 3 ) );

// and if you have some boost or other lib with stack

vector<stack<3,float> > v;
v.resize( size );

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I believe that what you are trying to do is dynamically allocated a two-dimensional array:
int Height = ... ;
int Width = ... ;

// allocation

float** array2D = new float*[Height];
for (int i = 0; i < Height; ++i)
array2D[ i ] = new float[Width];

// use, e.g.

array2D[2][3] = 5.6f
array2D[5][9] = 1.3f
array2D[0][0] = 3.14f

// deallocation (free)

for (int i = 0; i < Height; ++i)
delete [] array2D[ i ];
delete [] array2D;

This will create a two-dimensional array the same size (dimension) of this static 2D array:

float staticArray2d[Height][Width];

For an explanation on how this works, have a look on the GDNet forum search or on Google.

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