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Table of pointers to member functions

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I''m writing my own virtual machine (who isn''t these days?) and I''m trying to figure out an elegent way of handling all the opcodes. I''d figure I''d use a table of functions so I would be able to simply do HandleOp[OP_CODE](param). I want the functions to be able to access member variables within the class therefore they need to be member functions. What I can''t figure out is how to create a table. I''ve been able to do it using global functions using the following method but I can''t get the syntax right for member variables.

funcTable[0] = Do_This;
I''m using MSVC7 if it makes a difference.

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This works for me:

#include <stdio.h>
typedef void(*p)(int);void t(int i){printf("%d",i);}main(){p f[5];f[0]=t;f[0](3);return 0;}

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typedef RETURN_TYPE(Class::*MbrFuncPtr)(ARGUMENTS);

MbrFuncPtr apFuncs[10] = { &Class::FuncOne, &Class::FuncTwo, ... };

void TestFunction()
Class oInstanceToUse;
// Make a call


// * OR *

Class *pInstanceToUse; // Or inside a class, use this ptr


Parentheses are important when making the call, otherwise you'll get weird compiler errors. The above should work though.

EDIT: Added pointer example also

[edited by - cgoat on June 19, 2003 1:50:31 PM]

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